Hell Fire Jack - Cyborg
COTA - Death Trance
Henny Hurtz
Hell Fire Jack - Demons
Modern Day Dukes - Ocrana
The Choices
Juno - Answers
Randolph Swain - Little House
All Hail Hyena
Henny Hurtz - EYEZ Cryin!


July 2024

Been back out to Busot to film more Triumph x400's

Next up is "Heads Will Roll"

June 2024

The Busot Bikes shoot in spain is done

May 2024

Started filming a 2 short "talking head" videos with actor Sean McGlynn

Older news
The short film called "Nine Lives" has been sent to Ai film Fests

The "Kringer and the Battle Katz" has been posted on their sites

And "The Amber List" storyboard shoot is done

Anyone else on Threads ?


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